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Depakote - You May Be Eligible for Compensation If You Were Prescribed Depakote

The treatment of manic depression and bipolar disorders is very complex and requires careful thought and practice from a qualified psychiatrist. Depakote is also called valproate semisodium, as well as divalproex sodium. It is often used as medical treatment for bipolar disorder, manic and depressive stages. It is also prescribed by doctors to treat epilepsy, autism and even chronic pain of various sorts. According to Arizona statistics from the Arizona Department of Health Services, discharges of inpatients with mental disorders totaled 183,625 in a year. Among these is bipolar disorder, which had over 22,102 discharges. One of the most common treatments drugs for manic depression is Depakote.

Unfortunately, Depakote also comes with some concerning side effects. It has been reported that taking the drug can cause numerous birth defects, including retardation, malformation, skeletal defects, heart defects and affected limbs, among many others. In fact many users, who have given birth to children with defects, are now coming forward and looking to pursue legal actions against the makers of Depakote. The reports are jarring to say the least. Accusations that Abbott knew of the drug’s dangers and released the product anyway have not been disproven, and many lawsuits have already won—with major compensation going to the plaintiffs.

If you have a child that has suffered a birth defect because of Depakote’s problems, you may be entitled to compensation. While pain and suffering is definitely a legitimate aim in court, the truth is, you want this compensation to help pay for the higher costs of medical care for your child, who now faces a difficult road ahead. You may also be entitled to rehabilitative compensation and punitive damages.

If you are afraid of going at it alone then enlist the help of a qualified attorney who has experience in dealing with drug manufacturers and Abbot (Depakote) in particular.

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